Are you a Real Estate Agent looking for the right Brokerage?

You Have Found The Right Brokerage Firm

  • Keep most of your money
  • Free training
  • Accessible Broker
  • Free Leads (conditions apply)
  • Help achieving success
  • Get paid at closing
  • Minimal desk fees
  • Commission split caps
  • All plans include E&O insurance coverage, access to GAMLS, FMLS, Bridge Interactive, & more

Benefits of PRA

  • Training
  • Get paid at closing,
  • Keep most of your commission
  • Minimal desk fees
  • Payment split caps.
  • All plans include E&O insurance coverage, accessible Broker and more!

If you have answered yes to any of these questions and have closed at least 2 transactions, please leave your contact information below. Someone from our team will contact you within 24 hours.


$50 split for all $250 administrative fees. $100 split for leasing commissions up to $1999. The monthly office fee will remain the same once the annual cap is reached. All plans include:

  • E&O & General Liability coverage
  • Office access to handle paperwork and to meet with your clients
  • BridgeInteractive
  • FMLS & GAMLS access
Option A

/ month (office fee)

  • 80/20 split
  • $15,000 annual cap

Option B

/ month (office fee)

  • 90/10 split
  • $15,000 annual cap

Option C

/ month (office fee)

  • $500 Flat Transaction Fee
  • $15,000 annual cap

Option D

/ month (office fee)

  • 100% commission
  • no annual cap

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