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Are you looking for a brokerage firm that allows you to keep most of your money?

Provides training?

Has an accessible Broker?

Provides leads at no extra cost? (conditions apply)

Goes the extra mile to help you succeed?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions and have closed at least 3 transactions, please leave your contact information below.


Option A

80/20 split

$60 monthly office fee

Option B

90/10 split

$75 monthly office fee

Option C

$500 Flat Transaction Fee

$80 monthly office fee

Option D

100% commission

$200 monthly office fee

$15,000 annual cap will apply for options A, B, & C. There is no annual cap for option D. $50 split for all $250 administrative fees. $100 split for leasing commissions up to $1999. The monthly office fee will remain the same once the annual cap is reached. All plans include:

  • E&O & General Liability coverage
  • Office access to handle paperwork and to meet with your clients
  • BridgeInteractive
  • FMLS & GAMLS access
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