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Best Property Managers in Metro Atlanta, Georgia

  • Are you a Landlord looking for a Property Management firm in Atlanta that has honesty & integrity?
  • Are you looking for a Real Estate firm, premier real estate management Atlanta is the company that offers service for an affordable flat fee, that doesn’t nickel & dime you for doing our job?
  • Are you looking for a premier property management services in Atlanta that will go the extra mile for the sake of providing superior customer service?

There is no need to look any further for Property Management Firms near you. You have found the right firm. Premier Property Management in Atlanta offers our clients peace of mind and convenience. We have experienced residential (single & multifamily properties),  prescreened, licensed/insured, affordable maintenance contractors. We also offer our clients discounted home warranty coverage to help save you money on repairs.”

All managers are pre-screened, licensed and insured.

Flat Fee Real Estate Brokers Atlanta

Communication is essential at Premier Realty & Property Management Services, LLC. We send all of our clients a monthly owner statement to account for all monies collected from your property, spent on your property, and disbursed to you.

Our Firm offers 24-hour emergency maintenance, flat fee realty atlanta, Transaction Brokerage Services in Atlanta and a reliable team that loves what they do.
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Fee Scale
Leasing Fee – 100% of the first full month’s rent payment.

Rental Prices Monthly PM Fee Scale based on Rent prices

Monthly Property Management Fee

  • $1000-$1500 = $100 per month
  • $1501-$2500 = $150 per month
  • $2500+ = $175 per month

These monthly property management fees cover basic property management services. If you need additional services, pricing will be negotiated on a case by case basis.

  • Collect rent, additional rent, late fees and other charges and sums due from tenant.
  • Hold the security and other deposits paid by the tenant in Manager’s trust account.
  • Maintain a written maintenance request and complaint log from the tenant and respond to same.
  • Send standard collection letters to tenants who have not paid rent or other sums owing under the lease on a schedule approved by Owner.
  • Send a standard letter to tenants terminating the lease and demanding possession of the Property if the tenant is delinquent in the payment of rent or other sums owing to Owner for 90 days.
  • Send standard letters to tenants notifying them of violations of the Lease other than the failure to pay rent.
  • Arrange for movers to remove the personal property of tenant when a tenant is being evicted by the local sheriff or Marshall.
  • Accompany the sheriff or Marshall to the Property when a tenant is being evicted by the local sheriff or Marshall.
  • Send a report to Owner summarizing the financial status of the Property at least monthly.
  • Promptly notify Owner of any threatened or actual legal action against Owner.
  • Conduct a move-out inspection.
  • Timely send a letter to tenant explaining deductions from a security deposit.

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Property Management
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